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Never been tagged in anything like this before, so here we go. 

Was tagged by underwatermess 

Birthday:  Probably not going to post this on the internet.

Age: Or This

Hobbies: I am a huge film buff, and I listen to a lot of music, or all styles and types, breaking down and critiqueing everything in my head, and often have heated discussions with people about music.

Im that guy that is so proud of what he does that he’ll talk about it to anyone that listens, even if they dont understand what the hell im on about, and I love anyone that does this for me. I like to ski when I can afford it, and I play a lot of video games at the moment as well. I also love writing this blog, making the videos, and being part of a fantastic community. 

Favourite Food: Probably cheeseburgers, but Ill never order fries. Just the burger. 

Favourite Artist: Musically my favourite artist/bands are Led Zeppelin and The Mars Volta. I also have a lot of time for bands like Rise Against, and FACT, as well as Lamb of God, who at the moment take up most of my listening time. 

Favourite Show: Probably Star Trek Voyager. Watched all 7 Series and love all of it.

Favourite Character:  In that series? Its gotta be Tuvok. But otherwise I dunno. 

Pet Peeves: When people assume what I do is a hobby, and then ask ‘what is your real job’. No really, being a sound engineer is my real job. 

Random facts about me: 

  • I may seem like I never have an off day, but I find when Im sad it brings everyone down, so I keep those days to myself. Ive been told its quite self destructive.
  • Please dont ask me what I think of your band. Ill give an honest answer, which may be what you’re looking for, but in the same breath I will have forgotten everything I just heard. I hear so much different music as part of my job I guess I have just started zoning a lot of it out. 
  • I overthink to the max. Im working on it. 
  • I have an extensive collection of belt buckles. 
  • I want to own my own venue, and call it ‘Asgard’
  • I have an affinity for the Vikings. 
  • I love making new friends, I really do. 
  • One day I’ll have a family. Hopefully. 

I tag minor2major, anal0gue, cathcartaudio and iamyoursoundtech

Hope you enjoyed knowing a little more about me. 

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9 30am - Asleep, lie in on a day off.

10am - in a car on the way to Birmingham to do some crewing at the NEC

This job man.

Is that for the Pro Show this weekend?

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